Why You Always Need a Professional for Concrete Cutting

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Cutting through concrete might be needed at your home for creating windows in a basement, accessing pipes that are under your garage floor, and a variety of other reasons. You may even need to cut concrete to pull it up and give you space for a new driveway or slab. Whatever the need in your home, you always want to rely on a professional for this job rather than trying to do it yourself. Note why this is and why it's not good for a homeowner to attempt any concrete cutting themselves.

Sawing versus drilling 

Some homeowners may not realize that you shouldn't use a concrete saw for certain types of cutting. If you want a circular cut made through a wall or floor, you need a core drill and not a concrete saw. This is a special type of drill with a large, rounded bit that is meant specifically for concrete. Trying to use a saw to cut a round hole or a small opening for conduit and the like, even if you don't necessarily need the cut to be round, can mean making more work for you, not getting a precise cut, and making the cut bigger than it needs to be. Rather than thinking you can or should just make that opening with a concrete saw, leave it to a professional to note the best type of tool and the best way to make clean, precise cuts.

Cutting soft material

Concrete may seem very thick and dense, but note that the material can actually be somewhat soft and especially if it's been exposed to water and moisture over the years. You may start your cut and then cut through the surface or underlying concrete too quickly, assuming it would be denser and more difficult to cut. You can easily lose control of your saw or drill this way and, in turn, compromise your safety and the quality of your cut.

Note that concrete cutting often means adding a brace or track to the wall or floor to keep the saw blade steady and allow for better control of your cut. If you don't know how to use a slab cutter or wall cutter and assume a handsaw with a masonry blade will work for cutting concrete, it's best to call a professional. A concrete cutter can note the actual density and strength of concrete and know the right technique for cutting through it safely and precisely.