• What to Know Before Stamping Your Concrete Driveway

    Looking to give your concrete driveway a decorative finish? Stamped concrete is one of the top choices available for your driveway. It offers limitless design possibilities, which include making concrete paving to resemble the look of cobblestone, flagstone, wood, brick, and marble among other patterns and textures.  Here's everything you need to know about the stamped concrete process. Is It Possible to Stamp an Old Concrete Driveway? You can easily facelift an existing concrete driveway by stamping it. [Read More]

  • Decorating Options For A Concrete Overlay

    If the concrete on your driveway or patio is looking a bit old and worn out, there's no need to go through the time and expense of ripping it up and starting again. You could just resurface it and take advantage of decorative concrete treatments to produce something beautiful. Textured Stamped Surfaces With stamping and colouring techniques, your concrete can resemble natural stone, brickwork or even timber planks. If you want a look-alike stone surface, for example, particular stamps or moulds can impress the unset concrete with the characteristic definition and texture of a particular stone, granite for instance. [Read More]