Decorative Options You Can Consider When Opting For Concrete Services

Posted on: 22 June 2016

When some people think of concrete, they conjure up images of drab, grey materials used more for their functionality rather than their aesthetic appeal. The truth of the matter is that concrete services do not simply encompass the laying this mixture of sand, cement and water. With advances in concreting technology, you can now opt for concrete to enhance the curb appeal of your residence while still being durable and functional. Decorative concrete is just as resistant to high traffic as it is to abrasion, making it suitable for both the indoors as well as outdoors. Here are some of the decorative options that you can consider when opting for concrete services

Polished concrete surfaces

As the name suggests, polished concrete typically has a smooth and varnished appearance. This finish is achieved in various ways. The most common method of achieving polished concrete is through burnishing. This employs the use of abrasives that grind the concrete until the desired effect is achieved. Another method that concrete services can use to create polished concrete is through steel trowelling. This can either be done by hand or through the use of power tools. Steel trowelling smooths out the concrete mixture before it has had time to set, thus resulting in a smooth, polished effect. 

Stamped concrete surfaces

With this decorative technique, the concrete contractors will use either stamps or moulds to create effects on the concrete surfaces before the mixture gets a chance to set. Stamped concrete is a suitable option if you are looking to create a pattern in your concrete. The stamped concrete will also end up with a textured surface, which makes it slip resistant. Therefore, stamped concrete would be ideal for areas of your home that are exposed to moisture such as by the swimming pool, on exterior walkways and more. Once the stamped patterns have been created on the concrete, the contractors will apply a sealant so as to prolong the longevity of your concrete surfaces. 

Stencilled concrete surfaces

If you do not want plain concrete and would prefer it to mimic the appearance of another material such as brickwork, you should consider opting for stenciled concrete. With decorative option, the concrete contractors will replicate the appearance of your chosen material down to the colour as well as texture. Stencilled concrete surfaces are a great option for individuals who would like to create the illusion of traditional paving products without having to pay the premium price tag that is associated with them.