Ways to Add More Appeal to Your Patio

Posted on: 10 June 2016

Having a patio is a great way to provide an outdoor dining area, enjoy the view of your garden, and entertain friends and family. However, it might currently be a little bare and boring. Here are some easy ways to add more appeal to the patio and bring it back to life.

Use Decorative Concrete

This is a good option if you don't yet have the patio built or are thinking of replacing the current patio flooring with a new option. Instead of just going with traditional white concrete, consider decorative concrete. This type of concrete involves paving stones that are stamped with different textures to mimic materials like wood, slate, or stone. They can also be painted to have different colours and patterns or look like tile or rocks. It adds a unique and beautiful look to your patio with the same quality and durability of concrete.

Add Functional Outdoor Spaces

An excellent way to add more appeal to your patio isn't just about the visual look, but the functional appeal as well. With a patio, you have the option to create different spaces that are similar to what you have indoors, but let you enjoy the fresh air, smell of your herbs, and look of your beautifully-landscaped yard. For example, you can build an outdoor kitchen that includes a grill and stovetop, refrigerator, countertops, and even a full-size dining table and chairs. There may also be room for an outdoor living room, which consists of a similar layout to what you have indoors, but uses furniture that is appropriate for outdoor use.

Bring More Lighting Into the Space

One thing many outdoor spaces are lacking is proper lighting. Don't just rely on the single pendant light you have on the wall in your backyard or add one or two small lamps. Really light up the patio with a combination of hanging lanterns, candles scattered around the tables, and some hanging string lights, also known as fairy lights. This allows you to have more décor possibilities, while also giving you illumination at night for different types of moods and occasions.

Consider Patio Features

There are some ways to improve the appeal of your patio that go beyond just decoration or lighting. Adding bigger features to the patio bring visual appeal, as well as offer more things to be entertained by. For example, you can add a fire pit to the patio, which are available in many styles and sizes. Center the patio furniture around the fire pit to enjoy warmth in the evenings while relaxing on the patio. It is also an excellent choice when you want to do more entertaining. Another great feature is a larger water fountain, such as one that has a waterfall. This brings in aesthetic appeal, while also providing a soothing sound you can nap to in your hammock.