Why You Always Need a Professional for Concrete Cutting

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Cutting through concrete might be needed at your home for creating windows in a basement, accessing pipes that are under your garage floor, and a variety of other reasons. You may even need to cut concrete to pull it up and give you space for a new driveway or slab. Whatever the need in your home, you always want to rely on a professional for this job rather than trying to do it yourself. [Read More]

Decorative Options You Can Consider When Opting For Concrete Services

Posted on: 22 June 2016

When some people think of concrete, they conjure up images of drab, grey materials used more for their functionality rather than their aesthetic appeal. The truth of the matter is that concrete services do not simply encompass the laying this mixture of sand, cement and water. With advances in concreting technology, you can now opt for concrete to enhance the curb appeal of your residence while still being durable and functional. [Read More]

3 Factors That Affect Concrete Sawing Costs

Posted on: 20 June 2016

The cost of sawing a concrete wall is affected by several factors. This article discusses some of the factors that may affect the cost of renting concrete sawing equipment for your DIY home improvement project, such as cutting a section of a wall to create an extra window. The Size of Aggregate Concrete mixes contain several components, such as sand, aggregate and cement. The size of the aggregate used in the concrete will affect the cost of sawing that concrete wall. [Read More]

Why Decorative Concrete Driveways Are Ideal For Any Home

Posted on: 16 June 2016

When it comes to driveways, the most common material used is concrete. This is due to its durable properties and its longevity. However, some homeowners may steer from concrete as they assume it will not add much aesthetic value to their property. This is not true, though. Gone are the days of drab and bland grey concrete. With advances in technology, homeowners now have the options of using decorative concrete on their driveways. [Read More]