What to Know Before Stamping Your Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Looking to give your concrete driveway a decorative finish? Stamped concrete is one of the top choices available for your driveway. It offers limitless design possibilities, which include making concrete paving to resemble the look of cobblestone, flagstone, wood, brick, and marble among other patterns and textures. 

Here's everything you need to know about the stamped concrete process.

Is It Possible to Stamp an Old Concrete Driveway?

You can easily facelift an existing concrete driveway by stamping it. You can achieve this by installing concrete overlays on the existing driveway. Concrete overlays are a little complex and may require professional expertise to determine if your driveway will allow for a successful installation. Otherwise, concrete overlays may not be feasible for existing driveways in bad conditions, like if they have large cracks or severe settlement. 

Can Stamped Concrete Driveways Get Cracked Over Time?

One of the key reasons many homeowners stamp their concrete driveways is because of its ability to withstand heavy traffic and the weather elements for a long time. However, stamped concrete isn't immune to cracking. 

When your stamped concrete driveway starts developing cracks, it is important that you carry out immediate repairs on it. This will quickly restore the aesthetics of your concrete surface while keeping repair costs at a minimum.

How Long Does Stamped Concrete Driveway Last?

Depending on how well you care for your concrete driveway, stamped concrete can last for years to come without losing its aesthetic texture and pattern. You can increase the durability of your stamped concrete driveway by sealing it periodically. 

DIY or Hire an Expert to Stamp Your Concrete Driveway?

While a DIY attempt at stamping your concrete driveway is possible, it is best to leave the job to the pros. This is because working with concrete is no easy task, especially if you have no experience in concrete masonry.

Hiring professionals will save you time, allowing you to attend to other important things that require your attention. It can also save you money by ensuring that your job is done correctly the first time.

If your DIY attempt at the job is unsuccessful, you might still have to hire pros to work on your driveway. This may prove to be more expensive than hiring a professional the first time.

Reviewing the above factors is essential to ensure you make an informed decision before stamping your concrete driveway. For more information, get in touch with your local concrete driveway paving contractor.