How to Protect Concrete Kerbing from Salt Damage

Posted on: 6 December 2016

Some facilities managers only think about the driveways and walkways when they are planning how to keep salt from damaging the concrete on commercial properties. Such facilities managers may end up incurring avoidable costs to repair or replace concrete kerbing that has succumbed to salt damage. This article discusses some options that can be considered in order to protect the kerbing from the damaging effects of de-icing substances, such as salt.

Use a Densifier

Densifiers are products that increase the structural strength of concrete so that it will be less susceptible to the damaging effects of salt and moisture. Such products can be sprayed onto the kerb so that a chemical reaction can occur between the product and the concrete. That chemical reaction causes the concrete to form a layer of calcium silicate hydrate inside the pores that existed within the surface of the concrete. Consequently, the concrete will become harder, and it won't spall easily due to abrasion or salt damage.

Use Water-Resistant Sealers

You can also opt to apply a water-resistant sealer on the concrete kerbing on the commercial property. That sealer will penetrate the pores within the concrete so that no water from melting ice can penetrate the concrete kerbing. The sealer therefore causes water to bead off instead of getting into the pores of the concrete. In this way, you will have no worries that the water that splashes onto the kerb when de-icing salts cause snow to melt will make that concrete deteriorate.

Use Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers also form a layer on concrete surfaces in order to prevent water from penetrating those surfaces. However, the unique feature of acrylic sealers is that they don't penetrate the concrete. The sealer remains on the surface of the material. The sealer therefore acts as a shield that prevents the concrete beneath it from being affected by abrasion and the salts used to combat ice on driveways. Acrylic sealers also enhance the appearance of the kerb by giving it a glossy look. These sealers are also available in different colours to suit your aesthetic interests. You will therefore achieve two objectives simultaneously, beautifying the kerb in addition to protecting it from salt damage.

Talk to a commercial kerbing professional for help in case you are unable to decide which of the options above will deliver optimum results cost effectively. That expert will inspect your facilities and recommend the best way to safeguard the kerb from salt damage.

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