Solutions for Your Old Concrete Floor

Posted on: 4 June 2016

In a supermarket, warehouse, or even a garage at home, a concrete floor is common because it's strong and durable and lasts for many years even under heavy traffic. However, this doesn't mean concrete is indestructible and will never suffer chips and cracks or that it will never start looking old and worn. Concrete will crack simply due to age, and a painted concrete surface can also start to chip and even look faded over time. If you need to address some problems with your old concrete floor, note a few solutions and then discuss these with a concrete kwik cutter or grinding services company, so you can determine the best choice for your building or garage

1. Grinding and buffing

The topmost layer of concrete can actually be grinded; this is much like using sandpaper to rough up wood so that you remove small nicks and dings on the surface of a wood piece. In the same way, grinding concrete can remove chips and cracks and also a layer of paint that is now chipped and faded.

After grinding, the concrete can then be buffed back down to a smooth surface. This can remove tripping hazards caused by all those small chips and cracks or give your concrete surface a more pleasing appearance. Buffed concrete can actually have a shine to it that makes it look like new, and a fresh coat of sealant can be added over this to keep it looking good.

2. Stamping

Older concrete may simply look grey and dull, but stamping can make it look new again. This is when concrete is given a type of paint job that makes it look like stone or another such material. The stamping may include various shades of a color like you would see in natural stone, and it will usually include borders and edges like you would see with natural stone pieces on a floor.

3. Speckling

Speckling refers to adding a more visually appealing surface to the concrete, usually with a type of rock salt. The salt etches small grooves and pits into the concrete. A layer of paint, aggregate, or other material is added over this so that the concrete looks natural, like a walkway covered in pebbles.  For some surfaces such as a home's garage, the speckling may be done by grinding the concrete and then sprinkling a type of thick confetti over the surface. After the speckling is done, a layer of sealant is added to make the floor's surface smooth.