Understanding the Various Kinds of Concrete Pumps You Can Hire When Carrying Out Repairs

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Just like those in many other service industries, concrete contractors are always on the lookout for better methods of doing their jobs. This helps them to complete their work in a cost-effective, safe and timely manner. A good example of such applications for concrete contractors in particular is the use of concrete pumps to transfer or pour liquid concrete into different places. In this way, they avoid the tedious process of carrying concrete manually, which saves both time and labour money. If you are looking to start a construction project, the following are a few types of concrete pumps that you can hire for your workers:

Truck-Mounted or Boom Concrete Pump

The boom pump is mounted on a truck or semi-trailer to facilitate the mobility of the pump. This is why it is also referred to as a truck-mounted concrete pump. The pump has a robotic arm controlled by a remote. This, combined with a mobile truck, enables accurate placing of the concrete in specific places on the site. If you need to do major repairs that require a lot of concrete, then the boom pump is ideal for you. It can pump high volumes of concrete within a short time, and their multipurpose remote-controlled arms make them ideal for manoeuvring into tight spaces.

Stationary Concrete Pump

This is also referred to as a trailer or line pump. This pump is mounted on a trailer with rubber or steel hoses used for transferring the concrete. In cases when pump's hoses are not long enough, they can be attached to additional hoses so that the concrete can be transferred to a specific place. Unlike the boom pump, the stationary pump is slower at transferring concrete because of the limited carrying capacity of the hoses. This means that they can be time consuming when used for a large project. They are best suited for concrete repairs that require small volumes of concrete.

Specialised Usage Concrete Pumps

Sometimes you have to carry out repairs in situations that you hadn't anticipated. For instance, you might have to repair weak reinforcement walls when drilling a tunnel. In such cases, you need a concrete pump that is customised to dealing with your immediate construction requirements. These pumps can be mounted on skids or rails to facilitate movement into mines, bores, tunnels and a host of other places where concrete is required. Due to their customised attributes, these pumps are costly and unpopular in regular repair work. 

Look for concrete repair in Perth or your local area in order to learn more about different types of concrete pumps that you can use in your contracting work.